The Future
is Figa

3D printed pendants on mix and match necklaces that add sparkle power to any style.

Your Figa, Your Choice

The Mano Figa is an ancient talisman of femininity and fertility, dating back to Etruscan Italy, 900 BC.
This symbol, of the fist with the thumb through the pointer and middle fingers, has had various meanings around the world from good fortune to the obscenely sensual.

The Mano Figa stands for good luck in Brazil and Portugal, "I've got your nose" for kids (and adults) in most of the western world, female genitalia in Italy, "you get nothing!" in Eastern Europe, "sex" in Japan, and the letter "T" in American Sign Language.

Choose to wear it as an amulet of feminine power, a symbol of the goddess, femininity, and love. Choose to wear it to ward-off dark forces and negativity. Wear your Figa with pride in your pleasure, or as a talisman for your fertility.

With the capacity to mean only one or many things at once, wear your Figa with an intention that is yours and yours only.